Piekfyn Afrikaans Gr 04 OG EAT (KABV) -

Piekfyn Afrikaans Gr 04 OG EAT (KABV)

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Teachers Guides are compiled alongside the following objectives :

• Focusing on communication and text-based approaches teaching and learning and functional creative in the
classroom take place
• Appropriate content and context, and a wide variety of text types to bidding contemporary issues related to the goals
he Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement, and integration across the curriculum spontaneously effect
• A useful teaching, learning and assessment plan for each module, as well as guidelines for lesson planning and
classroom practice to provide
• A comprehensive formal assessment program for degree, as well as various methods and instruments for daily assessment to provide
• Planning and recording easier by language skills and processes in each activity to show
• A complete answer key for each module provided, as well as guidelines, tips and procedures learning activities