English F/L Gr 12 TG HL (CAPS) -

English F/L Gr 12 TG HL (CAPS)

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English for Life Learner’s Book for the Senior Phase is an integrated language and literature series for Home Language . It o ers a wide selection of texts and activities that cover all the requirements of the latest National Curriculum Statement. The series: follows a learner-centred approach and includes self-, peer and group work and assessment; enables learners to arrive at and demonstrate insight and understanding through active participation, discussion and negotiation; develops eff ective communication strategies and language skills, which are integrated and related to real-life situations, allowing learners to converse spontaneously and to deliver speeches; challenges, encourages and supports learners in the planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of their own learning; develops a critical awareness of spoken and written language and of visual texts; provides a wide range of study notes and integrated language activities; provides opportunities to plan and write a variety of transactional and creative texts; guides learners to relate to what they read and to how they view the world they live in; provides exam papers for revision purposes.