BB GR HL Gr 2 Level 05 Reader 2 - Best Books

BB GR HL Gr 2 Level 05 Reader 2

NB Publishers
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This reading series for Grade 1 to 3 is graded in four levels, with four books per level (a total of 16 books per reading year or grade). Each level has been designed to give progressively greater challenges to the learner’s visual span, decoding ability and phonemic skill.

The Best Books Graded Reading series introduces the learner to a large variety of language patterns and printed text characteristics. In the readers the learners will be introduced to narrative texts comic strips, simple factual texts, rhymes, riddles, jokes and simple plays and graphic text. As the learner’s reading and writing ability develop, there are also activities in the readers about structure, vocabulary, and word and sentence building that the learner can complete. In each book several high frequency sight words are highlighted and practised.

The readers have been specially written to accommodate the development level, life experience and sense of humour of the learner in the Foundation Phase.