New All-in-one Grade R WB HL - Mart Meij

New All-in-one Grade R WB HL

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The NEW ALL-IN-ONE Grade R Workbook for Home Language form part of the successful NEW ALL-IN-ONE series. The prescribed worksheets on the CD included in NEW ALL-IN-ONE Grade R Home Language Teacher’s Guide is now in book form to make it easier for teachers to hand out to learners in his/her class. The new topic-related enrichment activities make revision fun and provide teachers/parents with extra assessment and guidelines of the learner’s knowledge.
This educational workbook is designed to help learners grasp their new skills. The activities in the workbook apply multisensory spatial and coordination skills. The prescribed worksheets that learners have to complete supplements the activities in the NEW ALL-IN-ONE Grade R Learner’s Book. You cannot do the activities without the Learner’s Book. It is a valuable assessment tool and the teacher/parent can assess whether learners understand the concepts taught and can, therefore, do the enrichment activities if the learner still struggles.
Try this exercise from the New All-In-One Grade R Workbook for Home Language: