New All-in-one Grade 1 Maths made fun -

New All-in-one Grade 1 Maths made fun

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Maths anxiety can have a debilitating effect on children’s self-confidence and learning potential, and may eventually even limit their choice of career. Instilling basic numeracy skills at an early age and teaching Maths in a way that engages young learners can go a long way to prevent a life-long fear of numbers.
To be successful in Maths later on, children must develop a ready grasp of number concepts and thoroughly master basics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at a young age. Best Books’ Maths Made Fun series for the Foundation Phase helps to lay a solid foundation with a practise-makes-perfect approach, using innovative activities designed to stimulate young minds.
Based on the CAPS curriculum, the New All-In-One Maths Made Fun in Grade 1 Workbook provide parents and educators with a step-by-step maths resource for the whole school year. Practice pages instil the basics that children need to be able to recall readily, worksheets enhance creative thinking and problem solving, and full-colour games serve to further inculcate skills.
All the required content areas are covered: patterns, functions and algebra; numbers, operations and relationships; space and shapes; data handling; and measuring.
These workbooks are a must-have resource for both the classroom and at home.