Nuwe Alles-in-een Graad 7 TLO EAT - Engelbrecht Alta

Nuwe Alles-in-een Graad 7 TLO EAT

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The Nuwe Alles-In-Een Graad 7 Taal- en leesoefenboek for Afrikaans First Additional Language comprises valuable language and reading exercises for the English Home Language speaker. This book acts as an aid to develop the learner’s language skills on a fun and interactive manner. It also comprises excerpts from contemporary Children and Youth titles which with entice the learner’s imagination, include language activities and will encourage the learner to read Afrikaans books. Some of the writers of these CY titles include Fanie Viljoen, Carin Krahtz and Nelia Engelbrecht.

This exercise book comprises all that you need to know about Afrikaans language in Grade 7. This book uses English as instruction language to discuss and teach the Afrikaans spelling rules, syntax, semantics and morphology. The Afrikaans language rules from the AWS has been simplified for the learner.

This book will help learners get ready for exams and tests, and encourage successful verbal skills!