BB Eksamenhulp: Gr 08 Taal- en - Alta Engelbrecht

BB Eksamenhulp: Gr 08 Taal- en

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This practise book will develop learners’ language skills. It comprises practical language and comprehension exercises, all-in-one! It will enrich learners’ language knowledge and will help to master Afrikaans. The reading and comprehension exercises in this book comprise of the latest youth novels and other text types for reading pleasure while learners are reading in class or at home.

We attend to these specific language structure and use skills:

word formation
nouns and pronouns
verbs and adverbs
other parts of speech like adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions
This book contains comprehension tests in each chapter with succeeding language exercises. There are eight revision tests for test preparation as well as an exam paper. The accessible summaries of all the language structure and use practices have been done in English and Afrikaans.

The Best Books Eksamenhulp Grade 8 Taal- en leesoefenboeke for Afrikaans First Additional Language cover the requirements of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement.