New All-in-one Grade 3 Spelling WB - Mart Meij

New All-in-one Grade 3 Spelling WB

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The New All-In-One Spelling Made Fun Workbook for Grade 3 Home Language will encourage children to learn to spell and work with sounds! This workbook comprises almost 50 card, board and movement games with the prescribed sounds as well as sight and spelling words, spelling rules and lists with spelling/sight words. It contains step by step guidelines for the teacher or parent in order to play the games.

When spelling is taught using innovative games like "Puzzle Words", "Word Bingo", "Stomp and Spell", etc., filled with movement and action (which also develop gross motor skills), the child in Grade 3 will approach the task with joy and excitement and will not get bored or feel defeated. Teaching of spelling by way of fun games will entice children as well as parents and teachers.

This book quickly revises the prescribed sounds and spelling for Grade 1 and 2, whereafter the child will playfully learn syllabification, plurals, apostrophe and the spelling rules prescribed for Grade 3. The fluent recognition and writing of the first 300 high-frequency sight words are practiced.

It also contains hints and guidelines for spelling competitions.